TV Ident:

Together with Firma Film and From Form we joined forces to design and built an ident for TV format and production company H5NX. With an old darkened factory hall as our playground, we transformed the typography of H5NX into 4 luminous structures. 300 test tubes, tonic and black light became a giant ‘H’, while a 10 feet tall illuminated grid formed a pixelated ‘5’. The catch of the concept lays in the position and sizes of these giant characters; the logo only shows itself when viewed from one particular point-of-view.

Making of:

Production: Firma Film, From Form
Concept, design and direction: Rik van der Linden, Jurjen Versteeg
Technical executives: Peter v/d Werve, Ashley Govers and Jurjen Versteeg
Editor in chief: Roeland de Bruïne
Music and sound design: Echoic